Sometimes you may encounter an issue with the installation or operation of the Add-in. For example, the Add-in may not install correctly or an update may fail. Use the information on this page to help resolve common issues you may encounter.

If you have an issue that is not described below or would like to discuss any aspect of the product please visit our Support Forum.

Here are some common problems, click on a link below for more details:

Add-in Tab Not Visible

After installing the Add-in the "ExcelPriceFeed" tab should be visible within Excel:

Excel Price Feed Add-in Excel tab

If it is not visible then the Add-in may have not installed or activated correctly. To fix this:

1. Click the File tab in Excel:

Excel File menu

2. Then click Options (which is found at the bottom left corner):

Excel options

3. On the Option screen select the "Add-ins" section:

Excel add-in options screen

4. Find the option "Manage" near the bottom, select "Excel Add-ins" and press "Go...":

Excel manage add-ins

5. You should hopefully see ExcelPriceFeed, make sure it is selected.

Excel list add-ins

If you can't see ExcelPriceFeed then it has not installed correctly therefore press "Browse..." and navigate to the location where the Add-in file is located, either "C:\Programs Files\Coderun" or "C:\Program Files (x86)\Coderun" depending on which version of Windows you have installed.

Select the Add-in (an .xll) file and press OK:

Excel browse and add add-in

You should now hopefully see the ExcelPriceFeed Add-in in the Add-ins list, press OK:

Excel list add-ins

6. Now repeat steps 1 to 3 to display the Add-ins dialogue. Find the option "Manage" near the bottom, select "COM Add-ins" this time and press "Go...":

Excel manage com add-ins

7. You should hopefully see ExcelPriceFeed, make sure it is selected. Press OK and you should now see the ExcelPriceFeed tab in Excel:

Excel enable com add-ins

If you can't see ExcelPriceFeed then you need to install it again by running the installer program.

Problems launching Excel: The file format and extension of "add-in" don't match.

On launching Excel, after installing the Add-in, you may see the following message:

Excel add-in file format extension dont match dialog

This generally indicates that you have installed the wrong version of the Add-in. For example you may have inadvertently installed the 64 bit version of the Add-in, whereas you are using the 32 bit version of Excel.

In this case, the first step is to uninstall the Add-in.

To uninstall the Add-in launch the Windows "Add Remove Programs" dialog by typing "Add Remove Programs" into the Search box on the Windows Task Bar:

Windows Add Remove Programs Dialog

Now find "ExcelPriceFeed" in the list of programs and select "Uninstall" and follow the instructions on-screen to uninstall the Add-in.

Once the Add-in is installed you can download and install the correct version. Refer to the Download page for instructions on how to find out which version of Excel you have installed.

Add-in formulas not working and problems launching the Configuration Pane

If the Excel Price Feed formulas are not working and just returning "#N/A" or you cannot open the Configuration Pane then the most likely cause is Excel not trusting the Add-in.

To resolve this open the Excel Options screen by clicking the File tab then Options (as shown at the top of this page) and navigate to "Trust Center":

Excel Options Trust Center

Press the "Trust Center Settings..." button, then select "Add-ins" on the left hand side:

Excel Trust Center Add-ins

Ensure that none of the 3 options are selected. If any of them are selected then you won't be able to use the Excel Price Feed Add-in.

Excel will need to be restarted after you make changes to any of these options.

I'm seeing lots of cells with "#N/A" errors when I refresh my spreadsheet

This sometimes happens when you have a large number of Excel Price Feed formulas on your spreadsheet.

When you refresh the sheet, to update prices and data, some cells are populated with "#N/A" rather than an actual value:

Excel #n/a formula values

This issue is due to the way Excel re-calculates cells.

To resolve it, first refresh your sheet using the "Refresh Sheet" button on the Excel Price Feed toolbar.

You can monitor the progress of the refresh process via the status bar at the bottom of the Excel window:

Excel calculating threads progress bar

Once this reaches 100% press F9 to complete the calculation. This will result in all cells to be populated as expected; any #N/A errors should disappear.