Excel Formula Reference: Historical Market Data

The Add-in provides 3 different ways to get historical data into your Excel spreadsheet:

  • Single historical price in an Excel cell.
  • Multiple historical prices (time series) in Excel using formulas.
  • Multiple historical prices in Excel without formulas.
This page covers the first option, for the others please see: Historic Data Download Yahoo Finance

All of these formulas require both a ticker and a historical date, for example:

=EPF.Yahoo.Historic.Close("TSLA", "1 May 2019")

will populate the Excel cell with the close price of Tesla stock on 1 May 2019.

Formula Description
EPF.Yahoo.Historic.AdjustedClose Adjusted Close price on specified date.
EPF.Yahoo.Historic.Close Close price on specified date.
EPF.Yahoo.Historic.High High price on specified date.
EPF.Yahoo.Historic.Low Low price on specified date.
EPF.Yahoo.Historic.Open Open price on specified date.
EPF.Yahoo.Historic.Volume Volume on specified date.