Formula Reference: Yahoo Finance

  • All Yahoo Finance formulas start with EPF.Yahoo so they can be easily referenced.
  • Formulas can either be entered manually or via the shortcut buttons on the Configuration Pane.

Formula Description
EPF.Yahoo.Price Current mid price.
EPF.Yahoo.DayChange Change in price today.
EPF.Yahoo.DayChangePercent Percentage change in price today.
EPF.Yahoo.DayVolume Volume of shares traded today.
EPF.Yahoo.MarketCap Current market capitalisation.
EPF.Yahoo.52WeekHigh 52 week high.
EPF.Yahoo.52WeekLow 52 week low.
EPF.Yahoo.PERatio PE Ratio TTM (Trailing Twelve Months)
EPF.Yahoo.EPS EPS TTM (Trailing Twelve Months)
EPF.Yahoo.Currency Currency code.
EPF.Yahoo.DayHigh Day high.
EPF.Yahoo.DayLow Day low.
EPF.Yahoo.MarketOpen Market open price.
EPF.Yahoo.PrevClose Previous market close price.
EPF.Yahoo.Name Company name.
EPF.Yahoo.QuoteType Quote type, for example "EQUITY" or "MUTUALFUND".


Formula Description
=EPF.Yahoo.Price("AAPL") Populate the Excel cell with the current stock price of Apple.
=EPF.Yahoo.Volume("MSFT") Populate the Excel cell with the current daily volume of Microsoft.
=EPF.Yahoo.52WeekHigh("VFIAX") Populate the Excel cell with the 52 week high price of the Vanguard 500 Index Mutual Fund.