Formula Reference: IG Index

  • All IG Index formulas start with EPF.IG so they can be easily referenced.
  • Formulas can either be entered manually or via the shortcut buttons on the Configuration Pane.

IG Index provides the ability to either stream a price or request a price on demand. Note that only some instruments can be streamed, this is indicated by the "Stream" column on the search screen.
In the example below, the Bund DFB expiry can be streamed however the Boost Bunds cannot:

IG Index search screen with streaming price indicator

Streaming Formulas

Cell values are updated automatically when the value/price changes.

Formula Description
EPF.IG.Stream.Bid Stream live bid price.
EPF.IG.Stream.Offer Stream live offer price.
EPF.IG.Stream.Change Stream live change in price today.
EPF.IG.Stream.ChangePercent Stream live percentage change in price today.
EPF.IG.Stream.High Stream live intraday high.
EPF.IG.Stream.Low Stream live intraday low.
EPF.IG.Stream.UpdateTime Stream last update time (UK local time, BST or GMT).
EPF.IG.Stream.TradeableStatus Stream tradeable status.

Non-streaming Formulas (on demand)

Cell values are updated manually when the spreadsheet is recalculated (or when you press the Sheet Refresh button on the toolbar).

Formula Description
EPF.IG.Bid Bid price.
EPF.IG.Offer Offer price.
EPF.IG.Change Change in price today.
EPF.IG.ChangePercent Percentage change in price today.
EPF.IG.High Intraday high.
EPF.IG.Low Intraday low.
EPF.IG.Name Instrument name.
EPF.IG.Country Instrument country code eg. US, DE, GB, FR, JP etc.
EPF.IG.Type Instrument type eg. SHARES, CURRENCIES, INDICES etc.
EPF.IG.MarketID Market Identifier (used for sentiment data).
EPF.IG.SentimentLong Client sentiment long positions (%).
EPF.IG.SentimentShort Client sentiment short positions (%).
EPF.IG.MarginFactor Instrument margin requirement factor.
EPF.IG.Epic(countryCode, ticker, expiry) Returns the IG Index epic for the specified country code, ticker and expiry (often "DFB" for spreadbets or "-" for CFDs).
EPF.IG.UpdateTime Last update time (UK local time, BST or GMT).
EPF.IG.TradeableStatus Tradeable status.


Formula Description
=EPF.IG.Change("CS.D.EURUSD.TODAY.IP") Populate the Excel cell with the current daily change in EURUSD.
=EPF.IG.Bid("UA.D.AAPL.DAILY.IP") Populate the Excel cell with the current bid price of Apple stock.
=EPF.IG.Epic("AAPL","US","DFB") Populate the Excel cell with the IG Index epic code for APPL.
=EPF.IG.SentimentLong("GBPUSD") Populate the Excel cell with the IG Index client sentiment for GBPUSD long positions.