Streaming Live Prices
Excel Price Feed IG Index Streaming Prices

Stream live prices from IG Index to an Excel cell. Includes bid and offer price as well as day change, % change and daily high/low, all using a simple Excel formula.

Excel Formula Library
Excel Price Feed Excel formula Library

Simple to use Excel Formula Library. Eg: =EPF.Yahoo.Price("MSFT") populates an Excel cell with the current price for Microsoft stock.

Historic Data Download
Excel Price Feed historic data download

Download historical prices from both IG Index and Yahoo Finance to your spreadsheet, from one-minute data up to monthly resolution.

Search Function
Excel Price Feed Search Function

Use the comprehensive search function to find instrument codes and quickly insert formulas into your spreadsheet.

Excel Formula Shortcuts
Insert Excel formula shortcut buttons

Quickly and easily add "live" price cells to your spreadsheet with the shortcut buttons.

VBA Function Library
Excel Price Feed VBA functions for automated trading systems

Includes VBA functions which can be used to create automated or semi-automated trading systems.